What is a body check?


The body keep in check, that the body is measured and is stimulated by 11.000 frequencies, in the field of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, enzymes, amino acids, Vitamins, hormones and even emotions, mental and social areas. This measurement shows where the stress and cause of the symptoms are.

Once we are going to support this, guide and harmonize, the body is about to own healing ability.


Imagine you have a headache and go to your GP, you get after a few questions prescribed medication, what the symptom (a headache) will suppress, and you think you are free of symptoms, However, the cause in which the headache originates will not be discussed or not treated. This cause during a bodycheck detected, and also harmonized.

See an example of a body check report below, This report will bring everyone home after, for inspection.

Voorbeeld Rapport