Medical chair massage

The world's best full automatic medical massage chair

The DR8700 SANYO massage chair is the successor to the professional top model DR7700 with improved massage techniques and a completely revamped sensor system

The DR8700 features the well known unique stifness sensor but now also has a patented SANYO stress sensor which can be measured precisely what the mental stress level during the full-automatic massage programs. SANYO massage chairs now match a professional masseur more than ever.

Zero-Gravity Position

Many doctors and physical therapists recommend this “Zero-Gravity position with back problems, myalgia, swollen legs and feet, edema, and for the promotion of the blood circulation.

The Zeo-Gravity position is taken by the astronauts at the launch of a spacecraft. In this position, all joints and muscles relax up to. The pressure on the spine disappears thus optimally recover the intervertebral discs, or as for hernia, given room to recover. The DR8700 has been 3 optimal positions a wide choice for the most relaxed position

Inspiration for the design of the Zero Gravity position is based on results of studies by NASA space.

Control Panel

The operation of the DR8700 consists of a main display and a loose renewed stress & stifness sensor in the form of a “bar”. With the main display you can simply choose from one of five full body automatic programs or manually as desired.

  • Full Auto – program with stress & stifness sensor
  • Stifness – used mainly shiatsu techniques
  • Recovery – used mainly knead and knock techniques
  • Relax – used mainly kneading and light knock techniques
  • Quick – a short program of ca 8 minutes

Massage Techniques

* 30 types of manual massage combinations * 5 massage programs for the whole body with sensor * 4 massage programs for specific parts of the body * Massage using rollers: stretch, knead, shiatsu, throb * Special airbags lumbar, seat, ankles, calves and feet * Body shape sensor (measuring the length of the person) * Spierspannings sensor (measuring tension in the body) * Stress sensor (stress level measurement in the body) * Renewed massage “block” with new technology * Optimal POSITION 3 levels * Stretch program * Voetreflex massage * Heating underfoot