Used equipment

Photon Wave & CFCF Tests


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This color light unit is composed of unique narrowband filters and a stunning color palette developed from the experience of researchers, doctors, functional optometrists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychologists. Worldwide, there are currently +/- 600 doctors / therapists working with this unique device.

During the session's light color, get there from the wave photo beautiful colored light directly generated on the eyes, this will be very pleasant experience by both young and old.

” People come embarrassed inwards, and go charged out ! “

Computerized Functional Colour Field Tester (CFCF Tests)

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With this CFCF Tester, there is made an objective test in order to demonstrate the effect of bright light treatment. We measure the functional vision, of blinde vlek in the kleurenvelden (red, green, blue). The meeting of the blind spot makes it possible to determine whether the facial nerve is narrowed, and therefore gives little by electrical stimuli. The color fields meeting provides an understanding of problems and complaints, both physically, mental and emotional level. A reduced blue field indicates mental- or learning disabilities, a green field on emotional problems and stress, a red field or physical complaints.

Visual field measurement before and after 6 session's.

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