A.A Pfeifer

bram-paginabehandelaarsBelow I tell a lot about my own vision of health, I am proud to bear the title of Allied Natuurgeneeskundige, my methods I have my knowledge with applicable;

*Psychosociale begeleiding*
* Orthomolecular Nutrition Specialties *
* Indigo Quantum Biofeedback Methodology *
* Lifestyle Health & Personal Coaching *
* Sports Competitive Advisories *

Verder ben ik geaccrediteerd bij beroepsverenigingen BATC & CAT en ben ik opgeleid in Ortomoleculaire Geneeskunde, Quantum Biofeedback en Psychosociale Medische kennis volgens de PLATO & CIPION richtlijnen.

"People are often told that the complaints are between the ears and that they should learn to live with their illness. They are told that the symptoms are the result of aging and then drugs, which have serious side effects, employed in order to suppress them; it does nothing other symptoms and forget to look at the underlying causes. We feel that there is too little guidance, follow-up and support for the patients. This longer-term problems are often only worse. We know from experience that a proper diet and lifestyle changes in combination with one of our supplements and alternative medical therapies can ensure that the patient will eventually leave a small amount or even entirely without his medication can through life. "
"More than 40% of all Dutch is currently overweight. And the number is still growing strongly that obesity, severe obesity, to grow into a serious problem. I find this appalling, and street scenes that resemble America inevitably emerge in my mind. Our children face at a young age with poor eating- in drinkgewoonten, This results in obesity and a variety of allergies. The youth has a big problem with obesity, in schools and canteens one is flooded with machines that are packed with junk food products. By consuming excess refined and preserved food arises overweight. Obesity and diabetes are the inevitable consequences. Adults eat too much saturated and too little essential fats, too bad carbohydrates and too little protein, the consequence is that one gets heavier and heavier. This creates a greater risk include heart- disease, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, impotence, en suikerziekten cancer. "