drainage1-paginaYour body cleanse is designed to keep all kinds of non-native / foreign substances in our system the boss. Know that processed foods by definition is always energetically manipulated. Similarly, stress is a form of spiritual impurity seen. When the drain / cleaning for whatever reason is not done, the body may be the nutrients that are particularly important, derecognition optimal. So also the same with spiritual pollution, this can be as high until there comes a point that it can not handle more emotional baggage, Also this will then healing of delayed. Help your body clean of material and spiritual pollution is extremely important !

Example: Consider the operation of a vacuum cleaner. When the dust bag is full, it takes almost nothing on. You'll need to empty the bag, To be able to suck up dust again.

Forms of treatment for drainage are balanced to bring:

Indigo Methodology, Color Light Stimulation, Chair massage & Orthomolecular / Homeopathic / Fytotherapeuthische support.