School children

Research shows that 15% of our school children

struggling with learning difficulties, 3 to 5% Children until 16 year

suffer from ADHD and 1 on the 5 children learning disability a

concentration problems or fear of failure.

These problems can arise from several causes,

For example, when the sympathetic and parasympathetic part

of our autonomic nervous system is not well in balance.

Also, the diet of your child counts certainly note, too much

refined sugars, chemical sweeteners, color / odor / flavor,

and often large deficits of important nutrients

such as e.g.. omega fatty acids can all cause your child gets a lot of problems. . .

“Nowadays total is not looked into the cause of the complaint, but it is often used directly heavy medication, which in my opinion

that are optimal in terms of side effects, medications nowadays come

in the first place, no one is ever wondering what caused

nou is, so my child is so busy, allowing my child

anxiety and low self esteem or so that learning

occur. "

The field of view of your child

Functional vision is the image that can be viewed without moving the head or eyes. “When the field of view

Your child is constricted, receives the retina and the visual

cortex too little light stimuli, which can lead to many symptoms such as

also learning. "" Studies in the US & UK indicate that

there is a clear link between a constricted visual field

and learning, the studies showed that 20% of school

children had a narrowed field of vision of less than

15 degrees !"" With the help of the visual field meter show

or child has a narrowed field of view, and with the aid of a

we can color light test to see if blockages are energetically down

After this field measurements, we start with the color light sessions

so open the narrowed field of vision again. These sessions are

Using information from the Photon wave. "

Photon Wave

The Photon Wave is a unique color light device that is developed

from the experiences of researchers, doctors, ophthalmologists, optometrists,

osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychologists.

The color palette has the capacity to all visible colors

the spectrum to put forward. Due to the Photon Wave

look, seems beautiful colored light directly into your eyes.

Spread this way the light is through the eyes to the autonomous

nervous system. The sessions are by young and old as very

pleasant experience.

Need color and light effect

In order to stay healthy and in balance, it is necessary enough

light recording via sunlight. Chronic light deficiency due to low

sunlight and excessive artificial light can cause fatigue, lethargy and

cause loss of concentration. Under the influence of factors such

stress, emotions, trauma’s, toxische stoffen, etc. failures occur

in our body which block the flow of energy and finally to

disease can lead. When the light shines in our eyes, must

not only to see but it also has a direct effect on the hypothalamus. “Our eyes contain millions

lichtreceptoren, these receptors make sure that the light is

converted into pulses which are received in ao. our hypothalamus.

This is in contact with almost every part of our brains.

This is the hypothalamus involved in all aspects of ao. of

emotions, reproduction, the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine

system. "

How do we work?

We start by means of an interview, in which we

trying to get a clear picture of the complaints

(physical, mentally and emotionally), The follow-up visual field measurement,

and be done different kinesiological testing.

After this one gets right the first light session. During each follow

session there is a short interview to discuss the results, hereafter

followed by a short test, and then of course the light session itself.

An average light treatment consists of 6 to 10 sessions.

The intake at baseline takes about 1 hour. For the follow-up sessions

one may expect a half hour. Found in the early sessions

every week, and longer periods can be switched on later.

Nutrition and Supplementation

In our view, our modern diet is not full,

the crops are often sprayed with chemical

pesticides, The tomatoes are grown tegewoordig

on glass wool (where are the minerals than?), A lot of working with

chemical sweetener (lightproducten), one gets a lot of sugar in,

our soils are "empty", etc. This loses all our food

important micronutrients (Vitamins, minerals,etc.) One of everyone's

Organic food is often very expensive. We work with a personal

food technology, we first looked at how you or your child

currently eats, then we have a personal nutrition program

will line up with the right nutrients (no diet). Further

are high and only scientifically proven

dietary supplements in liquid form used. Also be

explained the differences

supplements in tablet form and

liquid form, because on every

street corner or a food supplement

can buy, only

or these supplements actually

have effect?