Indigo Biofeedback Methode

Wat is Biofeedback ?

Biofeedback is a treatment technique by which individuals can be trained to improve by making use of conscious and unconscious signals from their own body to their health. Bioresonance therapy is a technologically advanced treatment, which the body's vibrational frequencies measured, analyzes and then back to the patient feedback. She gives very accurately where and what support is needed. And does this using the biofeedback principle.

Every cell and organ in our body resonates / vibrates with its own energy. When this energy is disturbed by toxins, parasites, etc.. the body may not function at its full capacity. Malicious frequencies are stored in cells, and may go undetected for years to build, before they manifest themselves as disease. The first signal that something is wrong in the body's vibrational or electromagnetic. Energetic medicine that works at a cellular level, stimulates the natural frequencies of the bodies, so regeneration and healing can begin.

The biofeedback device allows clients to "see" or "hear" what activities take place inside their body. A commonly used type of device captures bv. electrical signals in the muscles. It translates these signals into a form that the client can detect. Maybe put a flashing light effect, or a pager activated each time the muscles stretching more. If clients wish relax tense muscles, they try to slow down the flash or beep.

As a pitcher who is trying to throw a ball across a single, biofeedback 'student' will, in an attempt to improve his skill, monitor the performance. When a pitch is wrong, the player will adapt, so that it performs better on a subsequent attempt. When the light or the buzzer are activated too often, makes biofeedback "apprentice" internal adjustments, which will change the signals. The biofeedback practitioner acts as a coach, standing on the sidelines, the objectives and limits capturing on what to expect and gives hints on how performance can be improved.

The very beginning of Biofeedback

The word "biofeedback" was concocted in the late 60s to describe laboratory procedures then being used to train experimental research subjects, to the brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate and other bodily functions change, which normally are not controlled intentionally. At that time many scientists looked forward to the day when biofeedback is a very high degree of control over our bodies would give us. They thought example, that it would be possible to convince our desire to be more creative, by changing the patterns of our brain waves. Research has shown that biofeedback can help in the treatment of many diseases and painful conditions. It has proved that we have more control over the so-called involuntary bodily functions than we ever thought possible. But there is also shown that the nature limits the extent of such audit. Scientists are now trying to determine how much control we can exert deliberate properly.

How Biofeedback is used nowadays ?

Typically, the clients are taught a form of relaxation exercise. Some learn to recognize the conditions that their symptoms are generated. It can also be learned how these them stressful conditions can be avoided, or how to deal with it. Most are encouraged to change their habits, others are taught specific techniques to gain more self-control. Biofeedback can cure disease or heal on a person. It is an instrument, one of the many, available to health professionals. It reminds the doctors note that behavior, thoughts and feelings very strongly affect the physical health. Biofeedback helps both doctors and clients understand that they must work together as a team.

Responsibility of the clients

Biofeedback allows unusual demands on clients. They should examine their daily lives to see if they might themselves contribute to their own problems. They need to recognize that they, by effort, Some physical problems can remedy. They must be doing undertake daily biofeedback or relaxation exercises. They have to unlearn bad habits, even cut down some good habits. The most important thing is that they have to take a lot of responsibility to keep their own health maintenance itself.

How Biofeedback ?


SCIO Quantum Biofeedback is a very complete and versatile biofeedback system in that the body at a rate of 220.000 vibrations per second, three-dimensional measurement. The SCIO is a broad, computerized analysis of competitive items and their relationships, and can also be readily treated. All kinds of stress factors of the client, partly caused by pathogens, viruses, Toxins, mental taxes, deficits and imbalances, can be quickly mapped in this way and harmonized.

The SCIO is connected to the client via a headband and wrist and ankle straps, and sends out electromagnetic signals to the body. Until 9000 parameters of the health can be tested as quickly and treated. The SCIO is a unique addition to alternative medicine and medical treatments, and corrects imbalance and stress in the body on a cellular level.

Most clients who use biofeedback is taught to relax and to change their behavior. Most scientists believe that relaxation is a key component in the biofeedbackbehandeling of many ailments, This was mainly caused by or aggravated stress. Their reasoning is based on what is known about the impact of stress on the body is. In short, the argument is the following : Stressful events produce strong emotions, induce certain physical reactions. Many of these reactions is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, the network of nerve tissues that helps the body to prepare for emergencies (flight or fight).

The typical pattern to respond to emergencies probably stems from the time that the people were mainly faced with physical threats. Although the "threats" waarme we live today are rarely physically, yet the body reacts as if this is the case : The pupils dilate to let in more light. The sweat, thereby reduces the risk of skin wounds. Blood vessels near the skin in order to draw together reduce bleeding, while the blood vessels in the brains and muscles expand in order to increase the oxygen supply. The gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines, slows, in order to reduce the consumption of energy for digestion. The heart beats faster and blood pressure rises.

Normally calm people as stressful event has passed, especially if one has taken to put an end something yourself. Imagine walking for example, that you are walking in a dark street and hear someone in your direction. You get scared. Your body is preparing to repel an aggressor or to run fast enough to get away. If you escape, you start to slowly relax.

Getting angry at your boss, is an entirely different matter. It is possible that your body is preparing to fight, but to save your job, try to suppress your angry feelings. Comparable : If you get stuck on your way home in traffic, you can not change anything. These situations can literally make you sick. Your body is ready for action, but can do nothing.

People differ in the way they respond to stress. In some, one function, bv. blood pressure, active, while in others everything remains normal. Many experts believe that these individual physical responses to stress a habit. When the body is "incited" repeatedly, may include one or more functions are permanently overactive. This can result in real damage to the body tissues.

Biofeedback often aims to provide the usual responses to stress, which can cause pain or illness, to change. Many clinicians believe that some of their clients have forgotten how to relax. Feedback of physical reactions, such as skin temperature and muscle tension, provides information to help the client to recognize a state of relaxation. Can also be a kind of reward to reduce stress results from a biofeedback session. It's like a piano teacher whose frown turns into a smile when a young musician plays a piece of music finally correct.

Biofeedback is generally defined as a person to provide the biological information of continuous, such as the heart rhythm, so that he or she becomes aware of the underlying cause. Biofeedback training means to use the information to learn how to self regulate the biological process shown.