De Indigo parameters

Indigo decomposes over 1500 parameters in our energy system. It measures everything that can promote well-being and can disrupt our health. More specifically, it provides a picture of the next bioenergetic parameters:

* Nutritional deficiencies: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones

* Imbalance of the endocrine- and immune system

* Imbalance in the digestive system

* The mental and emotional state of both conscious and subconscious

* Anomalies and degeneration of bone, muscle tissue and nervous system

* Pathogens: bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites

* Allergies and intoxications: heavy metals, quicksilver (amalgam) and chemical substances

* Hersengolven, chromosomes, genes and neurotransmitters

* The state of glands, agencies, Ligaments, connective tissues, boned, vertebrae and nerves

* The blockages in the meridians and the chackra's

* Any risk profiles, etc..

The information given by the Indio is fundamentally different from those given by X-rays and chemical analyzes of blood, etc., it just gives the energy and bio-energetic state of the “grounds” weather, what determines the health of our organism.