History / Development

Dr. William Nelson, the mastermind behind the Indigo

From “scientific” NASA employee at the Apollo space program to “proponent of alternative medicine” !

The Indigo device was ontworpn by Dr.. William Nelson, living in Budapest. He is a well known author and lecturer. Dr. Nelson has extensive formation: physicist, quantumfysicus, mathematician, informatician, arts, natuuropaat, accupuncteur, and homeopath. He has been led to unite all these disciplines into a dynamic method that anyone can understand: a synergistic approach to mathematics, quantumfysica, electronics, Alternative and energetic medicine unites.

If quantum physicist and electronics engineer Nelson managed to differentiate themselves by programmed navigation Apollo 13, in the years 70, rewrite, whereby 3 astronauts were able to make the necessary adjustments, required, to against all odds, safe and sound earth return.

He has held conferences worldwide, about quantum biologiem energetic medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy. As the author of a 70 numerous studies on homeopathy, is Dr. Nelson is one of the leading promoters of naturopathic methods. In designing his biofeedback equipment, he was faced with a huge problem. No one could program the computer at an affordable price. No one had the necessary knowledge in IT, medicine, quantum biology and electronics. William Nelson had all these advantages, but was not a programmer compotent. Experts said that at least 5 professional programmers were needed and 2 years to bring this work to fruition. Nelson learned to program in a month ! One year later, the program was from 50 octets ready, issued and all over the world in use !